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We are Hyderabad’s top private medical clinic and we aim to ensure that all our clients feel their very best.

Putting You First

Our appointment options are highly flexible and we have a large range of specialist treatment options.

Our Philosoophy

Our expert medical team always aims for excellence in providing top notch medical services and patient care.

Private GP

We help you with General medical consultations and House calls, including 24 hour, 365 day emergency visits.

Health Screening

Cholesterol checks including dietary assessment and advice as well as genetic disorder testing, Heart testing etc.

Corporate Healthcare

We conduct Preventative health care, Screening for company employees and
Occupational health services.

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Why Family Medical Clinic

Because we care

We care a lot about how our patients feel and how well they recover and we are extremely proud of our track record and the many positive things that they have to say about us.

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The best child care

We are specialists in child health and we fully understand your worries and concern when your child is not well. Family Care is the essence of Family Medical Clinic's services. Which is why we ensure that when you call us for an appointment we help you connect with our GP's on the same day and help address all your concerns and questions proactively. We offer highly personalised and accessible healthcare services to ensure total peace of mind.

Men's Health

Men have a different set of needs and requirements when it comes to their health. Our wide range of Men's Health Services will ensure that prevention of disease, maintenance of health and vitality and performance maximization is taken into account during treatment or rehabilitation. We realise that men have busy lives full of responsibility which is why at Family Medical Clinic we have made it easy for men to book a visit with the GP with same day appointments.

Women's Health

At Family Medical Clinic, we offer a wide range of healthcare services to suit the needs of women at every point of her life. Our healthcare services are holistic and personalised and takes into account the fact that women need to consult with a doctor who they can confide in and trust. Whether you are a housewife, a busy mom, a single mother or a corporate woman we know that your time is precious which is why we have convenient appointment timings for women.

Health Screening

Prevention as you know is far better than cure. By considering the most crucial aspects of your health and combining it with the latest technological developments, we develop a personalised wellness plan that can help you get into the best shape of your life. Our 'Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation' includes a full clinical examination as well as reviews of past medical history with heart and lung screenings along with Diabetes Prevention.

Sports Medicine

At our Sports Medicine Practice, we help build a stonger and healthier you to help you meet all your fitness goals. Whether you are a marathon runner, a cyclist or a weight lifter, our specialist GP's use cutting edge screening which is related to your chosen sports activities and help you to identify and prevent risks for injuries. By helping you identify your weak spots and helping you prepare a plan to deal with it, you can perform better, faster with more explosive energy.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Losing weight quickly may be easy but shedding the flab safely can be a challenge especially if you have repeatedly met with failure in the past. At Family Medical Clinic we work with you to help you reach your weight loss goals and help you shed the flab for good. Throughout the entire process you will be supported by your doctor and our medical team. We work hard to find the best solution whether you are a few kilos overweight or morbidly obese.

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