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Aesthetic medicine is a sort of specialist treatment that helps improve and enhances an individual’s cosmetic looks with the help of treatment of conditions that includes skin laxity, scarring and wrinkles.

All our Aesthetic Doctors are well qualified and help to ensure that you receive the best treatments that ca be possibly give to you by trained professionals. The aesthetic professionals at Family Medical Clinic are know exactly how to help administer treatments and procedures and know exactly what to in those rare instances when a patient may react unfavourably to a particular treatment.

We offer the following treatments:

  • Anti- wrinkle injections
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

All the doctors available with us are available by appointment and cover a large variety of services.

Bio-identical hormone therapy which is a highly specialised sector within the medical world can help to reverse aging and also helps women during menopause. We have trained practitioners who are available onsite and who are an integral part of our team of medical practitioners. We are unique in the sense that practitioners abide by the strictest rules of ethics and professionalism and offer practical solutions to any aesthetic problem.