ear doctors clinic hyderabad



At Family Medical Clinic, we provide services for diagnosing problems and disorders of ear and also the management of patients who have injuries with their ear. We conduct precise hearing assessments and depending on the nature of the problem, we advise upon and facilitate the buying of the latest and the most sophisticated digital hearing instruments for rehabilitation of the hearing disorder. From consultation to aftercare, at the Family Medical Clinic you are assured of the best possible consultation and aftercare in Hyderabad.

We also recommend the best and most effective forms of protection for your ears and help your preserve your hearing for all situations (from loud music to industrial noise).

Products & Services

  • Products:

    • Digital hearing aids
    • Underwater Swimming ear plugs
    • Sleep / Flight ear plugs
    • Hearing tests
  • Services:

    • Audiological reports
    • Pure tone audiometry (test to determine hearing thresholds)
    • Tympanometry (test to evaluate the health of the middle ear)