diabetes treatment center hyderabad



As a diabetes prevention and treatment center, the team at Family Medical Clinic helps hundreds of diabetes patients every month. We specialize in the treatment and management of all types of diabetes that afflicts adults as well as children. We have one motto: total diagnostic and therapeutic excellence under one roof. Our Doctors, Consultants and Specialist Nurses helps diagnose and treat diabetes patients in top notch facilities and help in the assessment and treatment of the symptoms of diabetes such as eye diseases, impotence, nerve damage and kidney disease.

The symptoms of those suffering from Diabetes have a physical as well as a psychological side and we care for diabetes patients through a multi-disciplinary team approach as well as a natural and holistic care with the help of educated and informed choices.

Diabetes Services:

  • Screening for MODY, a rare genetic form of diabetes
  • Preventative management including weight management, personal training and diet counseling
  • Advice on blood glucose meters and use of downloading analysis
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring.
  • Education on carb counting and management of diabetes
  • Specialist Dietitian
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Podiatrist and access to orthotics, for foot ulcer management